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About us

Who is Protect Direct Online?

Protect Direct Online is a specialist independent brokerage concentrating on the time and cost efficient placement of non standard, impaired risk life insurance business using a panel of insurers to remove the need for multiple applications, medicals and related administration.

How does this compare with what currently exists in the market?

Currently, a multiple application process is used where individuals must complete applications for each different life office - usually resulting in at least three or four different forms to fill in.

The insurance providers are chosen by IFAs because they offer the most competitive rates for standard business. However, it does not necessarily follow that they remain the most competitive for non-standard cases. The applicant may not feel fully confident that the most competitive rate has been obtained.

This is a long-winded process for individuals as they must wait for the separate responses from each insurance provider and there is no guarantee that the most competitive terms are offered.

In addition, there are significant medical, administrative and personal costs involved for the client with the prospect of multiple requests for medical data and even medical examinations - all with no guarantee of acceptable cover at the end of the process.

In contrast, our system means that only one application form needs be completed, that there is a greater chance that the most competitive quotes are obtained from the chosen specialist panel and that only one medical report is sought for the panel.

This minimises the costs and time involved for all parties, as well as providing peace of mind for the individual that they have received the best cover possible at the best price possible.


Why is a specialist service required?

There is a need in the UK for a more focused approach to the placing of special risk business for life protection. In 2001, over 413,000 applications for life insurance in the UK were non-standard cases - that is 22% of all applications. Of these, 45% were either declined or deferred by the insurance provider or the individual rejected the terms of cover offered to them.

(Figures from the Association of British Insurers)

Our specialisms include cover for ....

Hazardous Pastimes

Do you enjoy hazardous pastimes like scuba diving,  flying or winter sports?

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High risk medical

Difficulty obtaining life insurance due to diabetes, stoke, heart disease, raised blood pressure or cholesterol?


Over 50's life insurance

Life insurance cover for the over 50's, 60's and senior citizens.

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