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Hazardous pastimes and dangerous sports

What is risk?
Dangerous sports and pastimes
What does Protect Direct offer?
What does the service cost?
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What is risk?

All life is a risk of some kind. Whenever you engage in any action where the outcome is uncertain, you are taking a risk. You take a small risk when you drive to work or walk across the street. You take a risk whenever you venture into the unknown, where the possibilities and probabilities cannot be determined to an exact degree.

From the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night, and even when you are sleeping, you are facing risk to some degree.

Dangerous sports and pastimes

The issue, then, is not whether or not you take risks. The issue is how skilful you are and, therefore, how confident you are in taking the risks in the knowledge that you and your dependants are financially secure during and after this activity.

Not only do you need to measure the risk of your pastime, you also need to apply a similar degree of skill to your own personal financial protection and that of your dependants.

We understand risk and our job is to help you strike a happy balance between acting impetuously, without thought, and not acting at all - allowing fear to govern your emotions and actions. We believe you should be able to carry out a potentially dangerous sport or pastime in the full knowledge that it is you that takes the risk and not your family or your own future financial independence. The following pursuits (among others) are considered Special Risk:

Aviation – other than as a fare paying passenger
Hot-air Ballooning
Motor Sport
Rock Climbing
Underwater Diving
Pot – holing and caving

These potentially dangerous sports and pastimes are non standard due to the financial underwriting expertise required and the varying levels of Re-Assurance used by different Insurance Companies.

What does Protect Direct offer?

Protect Direct Online is a specialist independent brokerage offering the most time and cost effective method to locate impaired life insurance for individuals involved in dangerous sports, activities and pastimes.

What does the service cost?

Nothing. Protect Direct will pass all incurred costs on to the successful life insurance provider, including any medical and underwriting fees.

If you chose No Win no fee and we can’t place your business - there's no charge.

(NB. Our no win no fee service is funded by commission from the successful provider - but only if we manage to place your case. We can also offer a fee based service where we charge irrespective of the results.)

The next step

Protect Direct Online offers a truly personal service and we won't ask you to complete any forms until we have discussed your occupation and requirements and you have decided to proceed.

So, simply complete the form on the right of this page, provide us with your name and phone number and we'll call you back at your convenience - at our cost.

Alternatively, email us at, or telephone us direct on 0800 587 7043 between 9.00am - 9.00pm,  Monday to Friday.

(NB. Protect Direct Online is a trading style of Temple Bar Ltd)

High Risk Life Insurance

Risk selection
The decision will often need to be supported by medical evidence in addition to the information already supplied by the applicant. Following classification of the risk, terms are offered which may be standard or non-standard. Possible terms are:
• Basic premium rate
• An extra premium in addition to the basic rate
• Exclude a specific condition or activity
• Postpone the cover for a set period of time
• Decline the cover all together

(NB. It is important to remember that, despite all our efforts, some cases will remain uninsurable and we will endeavour to identify these at an early stage.)


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