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High risk health insurance in the UK
Why is my case non standard or impaired risk?
How much will the service cost me?
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High risk health insurance in the UK

Many people looking for life insurance in the UK believe they may uninsurable due to problems with their health. Typically these include heart disease, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol, diabetes, or perhaps a tumour, kidney or liver disorder or mental illness.

Perhaps you already believe yourself uninsurable through poor health and have self-excluded yourself?

If so, Protect Direct offers you another chance to obtain competitively priced cover, with the knowledge that your health circumstances and needs will be taken into greater consideration.

Why is my case non standard or impaired risk?

High risk health insurance cases are non standard due to the financial underwriting expertise required and the varying levels of Re-Assurance used by different Insurance Companies.

Risk Placement Underwriting is the process we use to ensure that you pay the lowest amount of premium for a given level and type of assurance. Our aim is to measure the overall level of mortality and morbidity and ensure your premium matches the reality of your condition and that you are not unfairly rated.

In short we are financial tailors and we create made to measure plans for those whose health quite simply does not fit “off the peg” schemes.

How our approach differs

The most important evidence for underwriting will be your application. This information will provide the Underwriters with various details concerning risk. Traditionally, this is followed by a multiple application process, where an individual application must be completed for each different life insurance office - usually meaning at least three or four different forms, three or four medical reports to your Doctor and possibly the same number of actual medical examinations.

Each provider will often ask if you are submitting simultaneous applications to other providers - this may prejudice your chances.

This process is often flawed from the start because the selection of life insurance providers will be short listed because they offer the most competitive rates for standard business - not on their underwriting approach.

However, it does not necessarily follow that these providers will remain the most competitive for non-standard cases. You may also not feel fully confident that the most competitive rate has been obtained and that a standard rate driven approach is not the correct approach for a non standard application.

This is a very long-winded process for individuals as they must wait for separate responses from each life insurance provider - with no guarantee that the most competitive terms are offered. In addition, there are significant medical, administrative and personal costs involved for both the provider and the client, with the prospect of multiple requests, medical data and even medical examinations - all with no guarantee of cover at the end of the process.

How will Protect Direct help?

Protect Direct has designed a process to specifically reduce the costs, complexity and time currently taken to place high risk health insurance.

This means that only one application form will need to be completed and offers a greater chance that the most competitive quotes are obtained from the chosen specialist panel and only one medical report is sought for the panel.

This minimises the costs and time involved for all parties, as well as providing peace of mind for the individual that they have received the best cover possible at the best price possible.

How much will this cost me?

Nothing. Protect Direct will pass any costs incurred on to the successful life insurance provider, including any underwriting and medical fees.

If you chose 'no win no fee' and we can’t place your business - there's no charge.

(NB. Our no win no fee service is funded by the successful provider - but only if we manage to place your case. We can also offer a fee based service where we charge irrespective of the results.)

The next step

Our service is truly personal service and we won't ask you to fill in any forms until we have discussed your individual requirements and you decide to proceed.

So, simply complete the form on the right of this page, provide us with your name and phone number and we'll call you back at your convenience - at our cost.

Alternatively, email us at, or telephone us direct on 0800 587 7043 between 9.00am - 9.00pm,  Monday to Friday.

(NB. Protect Direct Online is a trading style of Temple Bar Ltd)

High Risk Life Insurance

Improving the odds

In 2001, over 413,000 applications for life insurance in the UK were non-standard cases - that is 22% of all applications.

Of these, 45% were either declined or deferred by the insurance provider or the individual rejected the terms of cover offered to them. (figures from the Association of British Insurers)

The most suitable product, premium and terms is almost certainly out there - but how do you find it?

It is estimated that there is a pool of over 28,000 financial products on the market, and of course tracking down the right one is a time-consuming and costly experience.

With the help of a professionally qualified Independent Adviser and our specialist service it need not be.

(NB. It is important to remember that, despite all our efforts, some cases will remain uninsurable and we will do our best to identify these at an early stage.)

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