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Impaired life annuities.

What is an annuity?

In its simplest sense an annuity is an income provided by your insurance company that is payable for the rest of your life.

Along with millions of other people, you save part of your income each month to prepare for your retirement. But what you get at the end will ultimately be determined by your choice of annuity.

Many people assume that on retirement their pension company will start paying them an income automatically. This is not the case. Under current legislation you will have to buy an annuity with the bulk of your fund.

The importance of choosing the right annuity

As interest rates have fallen significantly over the last few years the returns from annuities have also fallen. This may mean that your income in retirement is significantly less than you were hoping for. Choosing the right annuity is essential because government rules mean you cannot change it once you have made your choice.

Maximising your retirement income with Protect Direct Online

We believe that many clients do not realise that they do not have to purchase their annuity from their present pension provider. You have every right to look around for higher rates.

This is known as the Open Market Option.

Annuity companies vary dramatically in the rates they offer and significant improvements in yearly pensions can be achieved. As you cannot change your annuity once you have purchased it, we believe it is of utmost importance to use your Open Market Option.

By looking at your circumstances in confidence we will be able to research the market and find you the highest rates - to boost your income.

What is an impaired life annuity?

Sadly some clients reaching retirement find they are not in the best of health. Using the Open Market Option we may be able to approach some specialist annuity companies who, after a sympathetic assessment of your circumstances, may be prepared to offer an annuity at a higher rate than can be achieved elsewhere.

The main conditions that these companies will consider include cancer, major organ failure, heart disease and strokes.

Whilst a greater degree of impairment will result in a higher annuity rate being secured, some companies will also consider other conditions including; Alzheimer's disease, emphysema, liver cirrhosis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, motor neurone disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinsonís disease, high blood pressure and long term Smokers.

Again, by providing us with information on your condition, we will be able offer guidance on whether increased annuity payments can be achieved.

The next step

Protect Direct Online offers a truly personal service and we won't ask you to complete any forms until we have discussed your individual requirements and you have decided to proceed.

So, simply complete the form on the right of this page, provide us with your name and phone number and we'll call you back at your convenience - at our cost.

Alternatively, email us at, or telephone us direct on 0800 587 7043 between 9.00am - 9.00pm,  Monday to Friday.

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